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This is a tl;dr of my work as most of it is under NDA but if you're really interested, get in touch and I can walk you through.

Design Lead/Designer/Artist/DJ/Human

I've worked in Interaction Design for the last 12 years and am currently a Staff Designer at Personio. I spent the previous 9 years at Google across Mobile, Wearables and Tablets. My projects included strategic x-Google work and leading specific products from discovery all the way to launch. Prior to that, I led Android and iOS designs for Divide (acquired by Google). Certified Sprintmaster, Strategy lead, Interaction & Visual Designer. I also paint, do two monthly radio shows and, most importantly, try to shepherd two boys into good humans.

Photo of Tim Green smilling whilst on a run in Epping Forest, surrounded by bluebells and Hornbeam trees
Personio Logo

Oct '23 β€” Now

Staff Designer

Core Team

Enabling Better Organizations - leading work on revamping the core data and product that powers the rest of Personio's software.

Personio placeholder
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Jan '22 β€” Aug '23

Design Lead

Android Tablets & Foldables
Material You Largescreens

Enabling high quality design and upscaling for Apps on large-screens. Developing design systems, guidance, workshops, working 1:1 w/ various 1st party App teams across Google.

Pixel Tablet UI
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May '21 β€” Jan '22

Design Lead

Open Food Facts

Lead a full App redesign, information hierarchy & strategy for food-sustainability charity Open Food Facts as part of a Fellowship awarded via Google.org.

Open Food Facts product page UI
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Apr β€˜18 β€” May β€˜21

Senior Interaction Designer

WearOS Consumer Experiences
WearOS Developer Program

Led all 1st party App designs for WearOS v.3 & an unreleased watch project and then the majority of productivity and communication 1P experiences for the Pixel Watch.

WearOS Tiles UI
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May '14 β€” Apr '18

Interaction Designer

Android UX
Android Enterprise

Designed the Work Profile, rich text editing in Gmail, and worked on countless Enterprise features for Android L, M, N, O & P releases including a registered patent β€œPasscodes for computing devices”.

Android Enterprise UI
Divide Logo

Jul '13 β€” May '14

Senior Visual Designer

(acquired by Google)

Led design on the Android App (comprising of Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Messages, Tasks, Browser) & created a web-based automated system for creating customised builds of the App for clients.

Divide Android UI
Divide Logo

Feb '12 β€” Jul '13

Graphic Designer

(acquired by Google)

Led design on the first launches of iOS and iPad Apps (comprising of Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Browser). Developed graphic language and system.

Divide iOS UI


Jan '08 β€” Feb '12

Graphic Designer

PIAS, Computer Arts, Atlantic, Sonar Kollektiv, ISM, Fake Four Inc, Urban Outfitters, Colourr, No Borders, Camp For Climate Action

Designed many many record covers, gig posters, branding, logos, illustrations, tutorials etc

LP covers and Posters

Thank you for your time.


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